Time to Apply for Teaching Internships

“And gladly would he learn and gladly teach.” Said Chaucer of his clerk in the The Canterbury Tales. MAWP and MAE students interested in lending their knowledge and expertise to two-year colleges should heed that line. Students interested in pursuing a teaching career in academia should consider this as an opportunity to get some real world experience. Interns work alongside an experienced two-year college professor who guides them through the 16 week semester.

Interns must register with Professor Green for ENG 509 in order to pursue the internship. More information on the process is available on the department’s website. All interested graduates should contact Dr. Goffman by email before sending in application materials.

From Chaucer

A CLERK from Oxford was with us also,
Who’d turned to getting knowledge, long ago.
As meagre was his horse as is a rake,
Nor he himself too fat, I’ll undertake,
But he looked hollow and went soberly.
Right threadbare was his overcoat; for he
Had got him yet no churchly benefice,
Nor was so worldly as to gain office.
For he would rather have at his bed’s head
Some twenty books, all bound in black and red,
Of Aristotle and his philosophy
Than rich robes, fiddle, or gay psaltery.
Yet, and for all he was philosopher,
He had but little gold within his coffer;
But all that he might borrow from a friend
On books and learning he would swiftly spend,
And then he’d pray right busily for the souls
Of those who gave him wherewithal for schools.
Of study took he utmost care and heed.
Not one word spoke he more than was his need;
And that was said in fullest reverence
And short and quick and full of high good sense.
Pregnant of moral virtue was his speech;
And gladly would he learn and gladly teach.

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