The DART Social Justice Program is Seeking Writers and Leaders

Writers have consistently taken up the causes of social justice.

The Direct Action & Research Training Center (DART) is looking for those same writers: men and women interested in helping others, to attend their webinars on community organizing on Tuesday, October 22 at 7pm.

DART is accepting applications for the 2014 DART Organizers Institute: a paid training and career placement program for individuals interested in launching a career in community organizing. DART has won social justice victories in education reform and low-performing schools, job training, drugs and violence, living wage, neighborhood revitalization, predatory lending, and affordable housing.

The DART Organizers Institute combines a classroom orientation with infield training at a local grassroots organization.  Organizers are provided with a cost of living stipend and travel. Graduates of the Organizers Institute are placed into permanent full-time, salaried positions earning $34,000/year + benefits.

The DART Organizers Institute will begin June 16, 2014.  Training locations and permanent placements sites include cities in Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida.

To find out more about DART or to apply, we encourage you to visit or contact Hannah Wittmer at or (785) 438-9808.

If you’ve ever dreamt that your words would rally a people this is a great opportunity. Working as a community organizer can be an incredibly rewarding experience for you, your writing, and most importantly the people you’re helping.


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