Mame M. Kwayie Publishes in the Houston Chronicle

MAWP student Mame M.Kwayie published a piece in the Houston Chronicle on Discrimination in America. The article is entitled, “Kwayie: Discrimination continues to take many forms in America” and is a personal essay exploring modern racial prejudice. Below you’ll find an extracted section of the piece.

“The three of us walked in silence, our shoulders shrugged, our heads down. I don’t know where I’d learned to shrink like that. I wanted to look over at my aunt and ask her if she’d heard what they said and if anyone had ever used that word in Africa. But I stayed silent. Her housedress was flowing; the heat was drying her curls; the plastic bag that carried our treasures crinkled as my sister let it dangle from her palm; sweat cascaded down my arm. I pictured the car of teenagers making a sudden U-turn and driving back down the street the way they came. Now I knew real fear. I wanted to round the corner into the neighborhood where our Hispanic and Indian and Asian and black and white neighbors lived together in what I perceived as a communal suburban utopia. We could be safe again if only we could make it to our street.” (Kwayie)

Head over to the Houston Chronicle and give Mame’s story a read, a share, and a like.

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