Danielle Killgore Published in Huffington Post

MAWP 2012 graduate Danielle Killgore has had a her story New York City Could Wait published by the Huffington Post

Ex Libris asked Danielle to talk a little bit about her process.

The story is about my father and his recent bout with depression. The story unfolded quite naturally. I started writing the piece as an outlet for myself and my own understanding, and it formed a story rather easily from there.

The main motivation for sharing the story, with my dad’s permission, was to open a dialogue about an issue many shy away from talking about. The hope was that people could read a story that they could relate to, whether personally, or second-hand. So far, it’s gotten great feedback in doing just that, so I’m proud my dad allowed me to share something so intimate in the hopes of reaching others.  – Danielle Kilgore

Head over to the Huffington Post to read the story and give it a share. Congratulations on getting published Danielle!

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