Joshua A. Fisher

Accomplishments, Awards, Publications, and Scholarships:

–       Awards

o   Graduate Assistant for Ex Libris

o   Graduate Assistant for Poetry East

o   DePaul Student Employee of the Year Nomination

o   Certificate of Appreciation for the Spring Conference

o   Corporate Investment to Explore Hyper-Local Publishing


–       Published:

o   The Poet’s Almanac

  • Recognized by publishing Luminary Richard Nash and displayed on a European book tour
  • Recognized by Oprah in O, her magazine as a Book 2.0 (in the June/ July 2015 issue)


o   Infused

  • Recognized by Fast Company, Adweek, Intellecutapp, and as an innovation in local publishing


o   O, Miami

  • A poetry discovery app for the city of Miami


o   Festival of Lights

  • A children’s Storybook App


o   Crook and Folly

  • 7 AM at 300 Ft


–       Presentations and Readings

o   Spring Conference ’14 “The Book is Dead”

o   Spring Conference ’15 “Between the Footnotes”

o   DePaul Colloquium on Digital Humanities “Hyper-local Publishing”

o   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee “How to Start Building Electronic Literature”

o   University of Iowa “Infused and Localized Education”

o   University of St. Thomas “Handheld Time Machine: Augmented Reality and Historic Narratives”

o   Chicago Women in Publishing “Digital Publishing Innovations”

o   Chicago Writers Association “Hyper-local Poetry”

Favorite Courses at DePaul: 

–       Chris Green’s Poetry Course

–       Mark Turcotte’s Prose Poem

–       Gioia Diliberto’s Magazine Editing

–       Ted Anton’s Magazine Writing

Postgraduation Plans: 

I’ll be heading down south to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue my doctorate in digital media with a focus on digital humanities at Georgia Tech. In my research, I will be experimenting with emerging technologies such as augmented reality and the effects they have on storytelling and reading. Heehaw!

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