Why Should YOU Take the Spring 2014 Literary Magazine Class?

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Top Ten Reasons You Should Take the Spring 2014 Literary Magazine Glass. 

  1. Because you’ll have a chance to read and talk about the work journals are publishing right now, written by both big names and authors you haven’t heard of yet.

  2. Because you’ll have the chance to read and talk about work that little magazines published a very long time ago, by writers who turned out to be a big deal but weren’t at the time some editor, not unlike yourself, decided to publish them.

  3. Because you’ll have the chance to consider what you think contemporary literature needs more of, and less of, and why.

  4. Because you’ll achieve a better understanding of just what happens to your work when you send it off to journals.

  5. Because you’ll have the opportunity to consider how changes in book technology impact what’s being written and published right now.

  6. Because you’ll become aware of the vast amount of literary ephemera connected to these “objects full of objects” (as some call little magazines and journals) available to you in libraries, archives, and in digital forms.

  7. Because you will have the opportunity to take notice of significant periods of literary magazine history that have taken place right here, in the city where you live.

  8. Because you will have the opportunity to select work that will appear in a prototype edition of Slag Glass City, a new national journal created by one of your DePaul professors.

  9. Because you will have the chance to join the ranks of what the editor of Tin House calls “ idealists and happy fools” as you imagine and describe a journal you might create and edit someday.

  10. Because this is a hybrid class, so you will only have to get dressed and come to campus three times over the course of the term (and once or twice more if you attend the field trips.)

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SPRING 2014/ ENG 309 Topics in Writing/ ENG 477 Topics in Publishing

The American Literary Magazine—Idealists and Happy Fools

HYBRID COURSE—Online and selected Thursdays, 6:00-9:15 p.m.

Questions? Email Professor Borich: bborich@depaul.edu


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