Forget Me Not Theatre Company Seeks Scripts

Forget Me Not Theatre Company seeks full length previously unproduced scripts for our Spring 2015 Workshop Production.

Every year Forget Me Not Theatre Company produces one Mainstage production and one Workshop production. In our Workshop Series we work alongside a playwright in the final stages of script development to bring his or her words to life on stage. This process bridges the gap between a reading and a full production and provides a venue for the playwright’s vision while challenging his/her concept of what the piece can and should be.

The Workshop Series consists of a two week workshop where the playwright can make changes based on discoveries made in the rehearsal room, a two week rehearsal, and a two week run. During the 2 week workshop the playwright is invited into the room to collaborate with and be inspired by the director, actors and designers. It is a time for play, discovery and iteration. After the two week workshop the final rewrites are made and rehearsals solidify the play.

Themes we are interested in exploring in our 2015 workshop:

  • How do we survive?
  • How do we dust off the wreckage?
  • How do you wake yourself up from panic?
  • Being awake vs. being asleep. Survival. Community.
  • Being local to Chicago is strongly encouraged, but not a requirement.


If interested, please submit cover letter and play here.

Deadline: April 15th, 2014

At Forget Me Not Theatre Company, our emphasis is on creating a space where theatre professionals have room to
create and play, to connect and grow. We provide fresh, energetic work by artists hungry to communicate with the larger

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