Alumni Jennifer Finstrom & David Mathews Published in After Hours

Alumni Jennifer Finstrom & David Mathews were recently published in After Hours a journal of Chicago writing and art. Here is what they have to say about their poems:

Jennifer Finstrom

My poem “Obituary” was accepted for publication in the forthcoming winter issue (#28) of After Hours. This poem is a part of a series of poems that I wrote in Richard Jones’ workshop when I was in the MAWP program (2010-2012), and I am still so appreciative of the great feedback from Professor Jones and the class.

David Mathews

“Polish Bus Stops,” is a sketch of something I witnessed growing up in Chicago: Polish immigrant workers waiting to be picked up next to an actual CTA bus stop by a van, fellow worker with a car, etc. Like many things that are unique to Chicago, they are disappearing, and I wanted to get it down on paper.

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