God’s Work Coming to The Goodman Theatre’s College Nights

Limited Run Now Playing For College Students

This April, Albany Park Theatre Project will be having a limited engagement (only two weeks!!) of their devised piece, God’s Work in the Goodman’s Owen Theatre. Here is

They call Rachel the lucky one. Born the ninth of eighteen siblings, Rachel survives nine years of deprivation and punishment from a fundamentalist and vengeful father. Then an extraordinary act of courage leads Rachel to discover a secret that lives in her heart—that she has kept safe since before she can remember—and that leads her to a breathtaking and unforgettable redemption.

“One of Chicago’s most remarkable artistic institutions” (Chicago Tribune) explores the human capacity for resilience in this all-new production of one of the company’s signature works, featuring one of the most inspiring heroines you’ll ever meet.

Here is a link included a link to the show’s website for further information.

Tickets start at only $10!


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