The Group Project is Seeking Creative Types

The Group Project is dedicated to giving amateur writers an audience and coordinating fabulous performances. Martin’s Corner Bar in Pilsen hosts 7 Stories the last Friday of every month, and it is far from a conventional reading series. During the weeks before the show, our experienced team works with authors to fine tune their stories and prepare them for performance. Throughout the process, we mix in theater, music, and audience participation to heighten the spectacle.

We are looking for student interns to help us with future performances. We work communally and are always looking for artists with diverse skills – writers, actors, social media experts, musicians, audio engineers…. Each internship period will be three months long, allowing students to help us produce a total of three performances. If some students are unable to commit to a three month long internship, we hope that you encourage them to contact us anyway. We are always looking for new writers to perform at each show. Attached is a document to give students who might be interested in this internship opportunity. If you have any questions, feel free to email us:

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