DePaul’s New Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate Program Now Accepting Applications

Digital Humanities, or “DH,” is the name for a set of computer-based tools and methods used by people in the humanities. Digital Humanities work is all around us, from large searchable databases to interactive and mobile storytelling apps; from innovative visualization methods for art history and anthropology to new collaborative platforms for research and teaching.The Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate program teaches the digital tools and methods that are increasingly important for students in every field of study. In the certificate program you will develop hands-on experience with these powerful tools and participate in projects including text markup and analysis, the visualization of cultural objects and datasets, and the publication of results across several media.   

Applications are accepted at any time.



For further information, please contact Professor John Shanahan at 773-325-7309 or​​.




Find a description of DePaul’s digital humanities graduate certificate program here.




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