English Department GA Profiles: Brandon Haskey

Name: Brandon Haskey

Program: MAWP

Graduate Assistantship Description: My GAship is at the University Center for Writing-based Learning or, as we call it, the UCWbL. Try pronouncing it—it’s fun! At the UCWbL, there are many things I get to do! Aside from tutoring students, alumni, and faculty on their writing, I participate in the UCWbL’s leadership team. The best part of my GAship, though, is getting to be a producer and cohost of Scrawl Radio, a weekly radio show (“Every Friday morning at 11 o’clock…” If you know our theme song, you’re singing it now!) that discusses rhetoric, writing, writing centers, and really anything writing related one could imagine. We even won Best Talk Show on Radio DePaul last year!

Thoughts on the Graduate Assistantship: I love being a GA. Without question the friends I’ve made as a GA with both the other GAs (especially those who are also assigned to the UCWbL) and the other tutors at the UCWbL have been the closest bonds I’ve made in Chicago. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to be a GA.


The deadline to apply for 20152016 graduate assistantships is January 15, 2015.

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