English Department GA Profiles: Hana Yoo

The deadline to apply for 2015–2016 graduate assistantships is January 15, 2015.


Name: Hana Yoo

Program: MAE

Graduate Assistantship Description: I edit Ex Libris, the graduate student blog. I’m editing the page you’re reading right now. (Meta! Or something.) I also make slides for the English department monitorsas does the lovely Anastasia, another GA in the English department. Her profile’s coming soon.

Thoughts on the Graduate Assistantship: I left a job I loved to go back to school this past autumn. I couldn’t have taken that leap of faith without the GAship. Fully funded English master’s degree programs are about as common as angonoka tortoises.

Serving as a GA has been a pleasure and a privilege so far. The wonderfully flexible schedule and opportunities to learn “marketable” new skills don’t hurt.

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