English Department GA Profiles: Anastasia Sasewich

Name: Anastasia Sasewich

Program: MAWP 

Graduate Assistantship Description: My Graduate Assistantship is as the editor of the Undergraduate English Program newsletter blog, The Underground. The blog is a resource for undergraduate students and we occasionally publish notable student work and student news. Additionally, I serve as the undergraduate program assistant, which entails promotion of various departmental initiatives, like the Book Club and Internship opportunities at recruiting events and the like. Lastly, along with Hana, I curate the English Department Monitors, which display information at the entrance to the second and third floors of the English Department in ALH.

Thoughts on the Graduate Assistantship: I love being a GA for a number of reasons. I wouldn’t be here at DePaul if not for my assistantship, and I enjoy working in the Department and being a part of what goes on here. I like the sense of community. It’s also great experience seeing how an academic department in the humanities runs as well as how to run a blog.


The deadline to apply for 2015–2016 graduate assistantships is January 15, 2015.


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