English Department GA Profiles: Rachel Pomeroy

Name: Rachel Pomeroy

Program: MAWP 

Graduate Assistantship Description: As a Graduate Assistant, I work at DePaul’s University Center for Writing-based Learning as both a Peer Writing Tutor and the Social Media Team Leader. My role as a tutor involves working with writers of all levels of experience and at all stages of the writing process, which is a fun and rewarding experience. I have several years of previous tutoring experience, yet I continue to grow as both a tutor and writer through my work at the UCWbL every day.

As the Social Media Team Leader, I work to coordinate and manage the UCWbL’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and our WordPress blog, UCWbLing. This means that I get to have a very active voice in the way the UCWbL represents itself to writers, tutors, the University, other writing centers, and the internet world at large, which is both a challenging and exciting task. But the benefits and rewards of my position as a GA far outweigh the challenges, in my opinion.
Thoughts on the Graduate Assistantship:  While working as a GA is certainly a demanding position that keeps me on my toes, I’ve learned more in my first months on the job than I ever dreamed possible, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given. I’m thrilled to be working with and learning from all of the smart, talented, funny, interesting, delightful people at the UCWbL, and can’t wait to continue doing so during the rest of my time at DePaul.
The deadline to apply for 2015–2016 graduate assistantships is January 15, 2015.

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