English Department GA Profiles: Kate O’Brien

Name: Kate O’Brien

Bio: I am a second-year graduate student in the Master’s of Writing and Publishing program here at DePaul. I am primarily a fiction writer, but I also write for the web and enjoy writing in a variety of genres. I spent the three years between graduating from undergrad and beginning grad school teaching English abroad. I spent two years in Colombia and a year in France and did some traveling in between, and I am happy to work with writers on any piece of writing in English, Spanish, or French.

Graduate Assistantship Description: I am a GA at the UCWbL, or University Center for Writing-based Learning. At the UCWbL, in addition to tutoring, I help direct the CMWR (Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research). Our mission is to better serve DePaul’s multilingual community through weekly activities such as Conversation and Culture, Book Club, and English Café. This is my favorite part of my job because I work primarily with international students and I believe in the value of sharing cultures and languages and doing research on these topics.

Another part of what we do at CMWR is Global Voices, our annual publication of students writing pertaining to multilingual writing and research. I was able to help edit this year’s edition. You can view the Global Voices 2014 issue here.
Global Voices 2014 staff


Thoughts on the Graduate Assistantship: Being a GA has been a valuable experience so far and I feel fortunate to be a part of the program.


The deadline to apply for 2015–2016 graduate assistantships is Friday, January 23.

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