Newberry Library 2016 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

MAE students: Chicago’s Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies is calling for submissions to their 2016 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference.

They invite abstracts for 20-minute papers from master’s or PhD students from any discipline on any medieval, Renaissance, or early modern topic in Europe, the Americas, or the Mediterranean world. Submissions from disciplines as varied as the literature of any language, history, classics, anthropology, art history, music, comparative literature, theater arts, philosophy, political science, religious studies, transatlantic studies, disability studies, and manuscript studies are encouraged. Because of the conference’s multidisciplinary nature, all papers must be in English.

The submission deadline is October 15, and the conference will take place on January 28-30th.

The Center for Renaissance Studies’ annual graduate student conference, organized and run by advanced doctoral students, has become a premier opportunity for emerging scholars to present papers, participate in discussions, and develop collaborations across the field of medieval, Renaissance, and early modern studies.

Participants from a wide variety of disciplines find a supportive and collegial forum for their work, meet future colleagues from other institutions and disciplines, and become familiar with the Newberry Library and its resources. This year’s conference will comprise twenty-four sessions with three twenty-minute papers each, for a total of seventy-two presenters.

To submit, follow the link here. For more information about the multiple resources and events offered by the Newberry Library, visit their website here.


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