Call for Academic Submissions from Palaver

The University of North Carolina Wilmington‘s (UNCW) interdisciplinary journal Palaver is seeking academic submissions.  Palaver is an online journal housed in UNCW’s Graduate Liberal Studies Program and are looking for content that, “defy the confines of a single discipline.”

Submissions should be typed, double-spaced, and follow MLA guidelines. Due to the volume of submissions Palaver receives, they ask that academic pieces run no longer than twenty five pages. Palaver does not accept previously published work, be it print or online.

For more guidelines and to submit, follow the link here. Further questions can be forwarded to

From Palaver:

Traditional sources offer many definitions for the word palaver.  These show a turbulent history in the word’s vernacular—from tribal “palaver huts” where Portuguese traders negotiated with African tribesmen in a dialogue between native and invader, to the colloquial hijack: a “fuss or commotion”—palaver comes to us with some proverbial baggage.

Palaver is UNCW’s online interdisciplinary journal housed in the Graduate Liberal Studies program. At Palaver, we challenge and embrace the vintage definition of “an often prolonged parley usually between persons of different levels of culture and sophistication.” A palaver then encourages a dialogue of multiple perspectives. We showcase the distinct intellectual pursuits of contributors while merging those diverse academic endeavors into a forum that will give rise to a new dialogue.

Palaver seeks submissions that defy the confines of a single discipline and explore multiple disciplinary influences. We publish creative and academic work that values the nonrestrictive and looks beyond the paradigms of the discipline to converge versatility, skill, and ingenuity in the service of its subject. Palaver is a venue for this innovative work, promoting the visionary talents of contributors across an array of interests. We encourage palaver within your work.



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