Ex Libris is Seeking Reporters and Columnists!

Ex Libris is excited to announce it is currently seeking reporters and columnists for the 2016-2017 academic year!

For full details, please see the following message from our Editor-in-Chief:

Dear MAE and MAWP students, 

Hello all! Jordan Weber here, Editor-in-Chief of Ex Libris – your much beloved blog and news source! I’m contacting you to announce that Ex Libris is currently seeking reporters as well as columnists for the 2017 academic year. Both positions are great opportunities for hands-on experience with a flexible level of commitment.

Reporters would conduct interviews and write reviews for recent publications from DePaul alums, faculty, and fellow students. Students interested in reporting will be put on a short-list and contacted on a job-by-job basis. I especially encourage MAWP students to get involved; this is a unique chance to interact intimately with writers currently working (and flourishing) in the publishing industry.

Columnists would be responsible for producing their own column of original content for Ex Libris. I am open to any variety of style, format, and content (as long as it is acceptable for a school sponsored blog). Possible column ideas include book reviews, professor spotlights, discussions of local readings, zine write-ups, and short pieces of criticism – the more original the better! If you are seeking inspiration, check out the awesome three part series “The Third Coast: Contemporary Contexts” authored by 2016 alumnus Zach Thriffiley. 

Interested parties please contact me at jweber16@depaul.edu with your name, concentration, prior experience and interest in Ex Libris. Those interested in creating a column, please include a short pitch in your email. I hope to hear from you soon, and I am excited to continue expanding the horizon of Ex Libris! 


Jordan D. Weber
Editor-in-Cheif, Ex Libris



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