Submit Your Micropoetry to Rinky Dink Press

The microzine press Rinky Dink Press is looking for submissions of micropoetry!

Rinky Dink Press is currently accepting submissions of 5-6 thematically related micropoems (between 25 and 40 words) for their Spring 2017series. The submission deadline is January 13, 2017. Send submissions of 5-6 micropoems in a single word document to

From the editors:

Rinky Dink Press is on a mission to get poetry back into the hands (and pockets) of the people – each of our single author collections can fit in your pocket, but we never sacrifice craft, and despite the tiny format, we refuse to sacrifice style.

In short, we’re a microzine press that marries a DIY attitude with skilled poetics and fine-art aesthetics

Find full details here, or purchase some Rinky Dink zines online.

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