Studio χ, a New Digital Humanities Initiative

A new digital humanities initiative Studio χ, is kicking off their inaugural event this January 19.

The first  Studio χ event, “Digital Humanities and Difference,” will host Tara McPherson and Phillip Ethington from the University of Southern California. It will take place at 4:30 in McGowan South, Room 108. The image above has details on more events happening this quarter.

Studio χ, a Center for faculty development, will foster and support research at the interface between humanities and computing. The Center will work with all colleges in the university to construct networks of interested faculty, to support and sustain their intellectual work, to provide appropriate technology and facilities, and to enhance teaching with digital methods across the curriculum. The Center’s goal is to raise the visibility of the interface between computational and humanities work, deepen institutional commitment to that interface, and strengthen the dialogue between faculty engaged in humanities and computational work.

Studio χ is open to all faculty and staff in the DePaul community from any college or program.

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