Six More Summer Internships – Including Research Positions!

Six more summer internship courses are now available to DePaul MAE and MAWP students!

1-2) The wonderful Young Adult and children’s publisher, Albert Whitman & Co. has an opening for both an editorial and a marketing intern this summer. Information regarding the editorial position is available here, and for the marketing position here.

3) Prime Publising, a leading internet media company run out of Northbrook, IL is seeking editorial interns for this summer as well. See the release here, for more details. Note, the release states they are searching for fall interns, but this also is applicable for this summer.

4) Dzanc Books, a publisher of award-winning literary fiction dedicated to promoting literary readership and advocacy of creative writing workshops, is also searching for a summer intern. To apply, email a resume and writing sample to Senior Editor, Michelle Dotter at

The final two internship opportunities are research assistant positions with leading writers in the Chicagoland area.

5) Brett Neveu, a leading Chicago playwright and screenwriter who teaches at Northwestern’s School of Communication, is looking for an intern to assistant him on two projects.

The first is for a The first is a class for the Northwestern Allumnae Continuing Education Program involving specific genre television, past and present. The genre focus of the class regards doctor, lawyer and police dramas and the research would involve the history of these genres, how they have evolved to present-day programming. The goal would be to help devise the lectures for six two-hour presentations taking place summer.

The second project regards research for a screenplay about real-life police corruption in a small town in Louisiana, and research would include gathering information about the subject, gathering articles/information and discussing the story elements.

To apply, send Brett a writing sample and resume at

6) Emily Maloney, recently picked up for publication in Best American Nonfiction, is also searching for an intern to assist with her an upcoming essay collection. Emily is looking for someone who can help for a few hours a week with research and organization of the research. The book is about healthcare in the US and treatment of patients, so any students interested in doing research about science, particularly the health industry, would be ideal, as well as help with organizing folders/PDFs in Dropbox, etc. Emily also needs to update her website and will be sending out one newsletter update to those on her mailing list.

The position is time flexible. To apply send Emily a writing sample and resume at

If selected for an internship, contact Chris Green at to register for ENG 509 the summer internship course. Apply soon!

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