More Summer Internships!

See the below for more summer internship offerings. As always, if accepted contact Chris Green at to register for credit.

Agate Publishing is still open for to applications for their large internship program for the July-December period. Candidates are required to have at least a BA and need to make a six month, 30 hour/week commitment. This internship is one of the top programs for students interested in publishing – two former DePaul students have been hired to Agate’s staff via this program. Interested candidates can find out more online.

Kathryn Grant, PhD, Psychology and Alexandra Murphy, PhD, Communication Studies, are DePaul faculty member looking for an intern to support their work on a popular nonfiction book for mothers of tweenage daughters called, “Mommyology: The Science of Raising Tween Girls.” The authors are currently under contract with a nonfiction book agent and will be revising the proposal and writing a sample chapter in preparation for the agent to sell to interested publishers by early Fall.  This internship would be ideal for someone interested in learning more about the nonfiction publishing process and conducting background research and interviews on the topic area.  The expected work would average 10 hours/week for 10 weeks. Interested parties can contact Alexandra Murphy at

Incarcerated Voices is offering a paid remote internship through their Freeform Radio Initiative. Incarcerated voices is an exploration into the circumstances and conditions of incarceration through the eyes, ears, and hearts of prisoners. The internship primarily will focus on prisoner contributions to the project. Find full details and application instructions here. (Note: ignore the old date.)

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