Congrats to Our Graduates! Time to Enjoy Summer!

As final grades roll-in, Ex Libris wants to offer its congratulations to all English graduate students for their hard work this year! Kudos, you make this department great.

Also, deserving recognition as the year closes is Bill Johnson-Gonzalez who earned a well deserved tenure track position this year. Superb! And a nod to adjunct faculty member Jeff Kessler for defending his thesis project on the imaginary portrait in late 19th century Britain at Indiana University.  Nice work Jeff!

But, most importantly, Ex Libris would like to give a huge round of applause to this year’s graduates! Each of you have completed a truly impressive task and are more than deserving of the title Master of Arts. Congratulations! Graduating students are listed by quarter below.

Summer 2016:

  • Avery Cunningham, MAWP
  • Vanessa Cicos, MAE
  • Frederick Jones, MAWP
  • Christina Karahalios, MAE
  • Carrie Mocarski, MAE
  • Sarah Racine, MAE
  • Caitlin Raleigh, MAWP: Caitlin will continue working for an eLearning company in the West Loop, called Kineo Group, as a Senior Content Writer. Caitlin gathers content from clients, applies design principles and best practices to shape that content into an eLearning course (or several), script the course, and carry the project through all subsequent stages while also working as a liaison between the client and the production team.
    Caitlin will also be working on a middle-grade fantasy novel, which is in later editing stages, and plans to submit to agents in the near future. And of course, she is continuing to submit her best stories to literary magazines–all of which Caitlyn says were helped greatly by her experiences in the MAWP program.
  • Alveda Zahn, MAE

Fall 2016:

  • Ryan Daily, MAWP
  • Timothy McDermott, MAWP
  • Jasmina Slimovic, MAE

Spring 2017:

  • Christopher Ackels, MAE:  Christopher will be teaching English at Saint Patrick High School here in Chicago, working with Department Chair and DePaul MAE program alum Kent Doyle. He will be the third member of the Saint Patrick English Department that is either an alum or current student of the DePaul MAE program!  Chris will also be serving as in-stadium host for the Chicago White Sox. This job includes interactive game day features on the jumbotron at Guaranteed Rate Field for the remainder of this summer and the 2017 MLB Season!
  • Ashley Alcorn, MAE
  • Alexandra Bissell, MAE
  • Joshua Brown, MAE
  • Elysa Buss, MAE
  • Robert Daniels, MAE
  • Lauren Godsel, MAE: Lauren is hoping to teach English composition at her alma mater, Dominican University. She was invited to interview by a former professor, and hopes to know for sure in a few weeks. Although, she is fairly confident about her prospects, as her former professor seems excited to work with her. Fingers crossed!
  • Laura Gray, MAE
  • Amanda Hanna, MAWP
  • William Harris, MAWP
  • Audrey Juergens, MAWP
  • Brian Kay, MAE
  • Kaitlyn Kesler, MAWP
  • Javeriya Khan, MAE
  • James McDoniel, MAWP
  • Christina Miranda, MAE
  • Katelyn Moxon, MAWP
  • Joseph Nash, MAE
  • Alyssa Prentice, MAE: Alye will be working as a writing assistant and content specialist with the company Ambir Technology. Ambir Techonology has already reached out to expressed their admiration of Alye’s work!
  • Whitney Rauenhorst, MAWP
  • Samantha Schorsch, MAWP
  • Jordan Weber, MAE
  • Kacey Whalen, MAE
  • Phillip Wisniewske, MAE

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