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Writers, English Majors, Alumni & Professors Needed  Internationally

Have you always wanted to contribute your writing or English skills in other countries?
Your skills are definitely needed here:

UGANDA: Secondary School
Do you excel  in writing, grammar and/or literature and can tutor or teach it?  If so, then we need you!
Many of the things that we take for granted are crucial:

–Help students develop strong writing and composition skills; to express themselves.
–Writing is a subversive activity. Rote learning is the norm in Africa where they are not taught to question or create.
–Teach creativity!  When I help Africans to dream up a business enterprise, they struggle to imagine. Teach imagination.
–Studying literature also helps develop critical thinking so crucial in building a democracy.
–Work with Ugandan English teachers to enrich the curriculum and teaching methods.

President Museveni skims money off the top so little goes towards education in Uganda.
Teachers in the government schools are not paid, so they don’t come to work.
Private citizens, though penniless, have started schools. Our school is just packed: 50 – 70 kids to a classroom!

We need both tutors to give more 1-to-1 attention to determine if students follow what is going on in class; and we need anyone that would like to lead the class. You do not need experience or credentials in teaching.
Help these youth excel on the National Examination so that they can get a scholarship to Makerere, Uganda’s best.
This is their ticket out of poverty. Do you see why we need you? This program has the most need for English majors.

MOROCCO: Journalism
You do not need to be a Journalism major to work here. Being a strong writer is crucial however.
–Write for international audience about what is going on in Morocco today.
We get many people that request Morocco because they accurately see it as a great first step into the Muslim world.

The following opportunities are more tangential to your skill set but may be of interest to you:

LEBANON: Syrian Refugees
We get a tremendous number of requests for ways to help with Syrian refugees.
The catch is: do you speak Arabic? If not, then teaching English to Syrian refugees is much needed.
–Work with an amazing group of Syrian refugee adults who started schools for their kids because there was no room in
the Lebanese schools. Teach their teachers/ staff English; or the students age 5 to 18.
–If you are a compelling writer, several organizations in the Middle East need grant writers.
–Teach English to Syrian women/ moms in Beirut. Beirut has earned the name “The Paris of the Middle East.”
We get many requests to work with the Syrian women – Westerners are concerned they are oppressed.
In the context of learning English, women talk about their lives. This Lebanese org finds this “backdoor” way of
consciousness raising to culturally accepted.
–If you can speak Arabic, then the most enthusiastic group in the Lebanese org’s community centers are the seniors.
They would love to do a book group; or write about their lives. 85% of the beneficiaries in Lebanese org are Syrian.

NEPAL: Alternative to Trafficking
UNICEF estimates ~7,000 girls are abducted from Nepal into sexual slavery and exploitation in India per year.
This stellar organization works in remote rural villages of Nepal where sex traffickers prey on young woman.
Traffickers promise a job in India to abjectly poor girls. So can you help?
–Teach women English, literacy and/or ways to make a living in tourism so the girls have an alternative future?
You must be physically fit to make the trek to the villages!
–In Kathmandu or Pokhara, excellent writers are needed to write grants to sustain the organization.

HONDURAS: Literacy & Laptops
Get goose bumps when a kid finally “gets” how to read? Believe a love of reading is contagious? We need you!
For years this organization taught English as a ticket out of poverty.
The director said: “I woke up one day and realized our Honduran kids are being left behind.
We have ratcheted up the program to help kids read; learn to use laptops; and to be able to grasp the sciences.”
They have 30 kids reading “Goodnight Moon” on Kindles.
–Kids are aged 5 to 15 in this program. Open up their world! Inspire a passion for books, reading & learning!

CAMEROON: Adult Literacy
Throughout most of Africa, women older than 30 can not read or write.
Their fathers would say “I do not have enough money to pay school fees for your brothers. You will just be a wife.”
Now more and more girls go to school, so it is the adults who were left out that yearn to learn to read.
–Come help teach people to read and write in the remote rural villages outside the capital, Yaounde.
Life in the villages will give you an important window into African life, a world beyond cell phones & electricity.
–Ideal if you can speak French; but otherwise the director will translate.

PERU: Ticket out of Poverty
This program serves kids & youth who were shining shoes to support their families.
The Peruvian director understands how crucial literacy and schooling is to getting out of poverty.
This program is set in some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Helpful if you can speak Spanish.
Come help tutor kids and youth, age 6 to 18 in all their academic subjects; or you could specialize in reading & writing.

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