Ex Libris, DePaul’s English graduate student blog and news source, provides MAE and MAWP students with information they can use. Founded in 2003 as a newsletter for the English graduate programs at DePaul, Ex Libris continues to evolve to meet students’ needs. Ex Libris is both an essential guide to the English Department and DePaul resources as well as your number one source for literary news.

The About and DePaul Resources tabs above provide students with the most up to date information on English Department requirements, funding options, Department programs, and a myriad of useful tools provided by the university. Under the Classes tab, students can find one of the sites most useful features, a link to a downloadable PDF of the most up-to-date course schedules (complete with descriptions) and a small archive of previous schedules.

Throughout the school year we post department updates, events, contests,  job postings,  call for papers, alumni interviews and a variety of other content all of which can be sorted through the rest of the drop down menus above. The Event Calendar under the Events tab is a single aggregate of event and due dates from all of Ex Libris’s post, check it to keep your schedule straight!

Ex Libris is always looking for students interested in providing new content through columns of original writing or research and to conduct interviews with alumni and other members of DePaul’s literary community. If you have an idea for a column, are interested in doing interviews, or have any other questions or comments please contact the Editor-in-Chief of Ex Libris, Camila Restrepo crestre4@depaul.edu.


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