Candidacy Continuation Enrollment

Students who have to interrupt their studies as they near completion of their degree, i.e. have one more class to take but need to take a quarter off, or have completed course work but have to take the MAE Comprehensive Exam in the following quarter, should register for English 502, Candidacy Continuation. According to the LA&S Graduate Student handbook, Candidacy Continuation is “Non-credit. Required of all students who are not registered for regular courses but who occasionally utilize University facilities during completion of course requirements and/or research. $40.00 per quarter.” This allows students to remain in DePaul’s PeopleSoft system, thereby making it much easier to apply for degree conferral.

As mentioned above, this would especially pertain to MAE students who will finish their course work, let’s say, in the Spring Quarter but who won’t take the Comprehensive Exam until September. These students should register for English 502 for the Fall Quarter.

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