Michael Van Kerckhove and David Mathews Published in Midwestern Gothic

MWGissue11 (3)Masters in Writing and Publishing alumni Michael Van Kerckhove and David Mathews are celebrating their respective publications in the fall 2013 issue of the Midwestern Gothic literary journal. Michael and David are authorial pioneers in the journal’s first foray into creative nonfiction.

Copies of the journal are available in various e-book formats for $2.99.  If you have your heart set on a print copy you can pick one up from Amazon for $12.99.  Those who are unable to purchase a copy should consider sharing the journal’s page on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to help Michael and David get recognition for their outstanding work.

Don’t miss Michael’s personal essay, “Dance of the Ring” and David’s poem, “Sketches of Northwest Side of Chicago Parish Carnival”. Pick up a copy of the Midwestern Gothic Journal today.

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