2015-2016 Graduate Kelly Kerwin

Kelly Kerwin, Spring 2016 graduate, received a Master of Arts in English with distinction. Kelly is extremely grateful for her time at DePaul where she has built so many wonderful relationships with professors and colleagues alike. Dr. Carolyn Goffman was one of the first professors to motivate her to work towards the Certification for Teaching English in a Two-Year College. Her internship at Wilbur Wright College with Dr. Michael Petersen, and theĀ corresponding online course with Dr. Goffman, prepared her to enter into the professional world of teaching in the community college environment. Kelly hopes to find a job with Wilbur or one of the surrounding community colleges. She has also considered applying to private high schools in the Chicago area. Many other professors at DePaul, Dr. John Shanahan and Dr. Darsie Bowden, to name a few, she feels pushed her to develop and hone her reading, writing and critical thinking skills. She would like to give a sincere thanks to all of her professors, her fiance, and her family. Without their encouragement and motivation, none of these achievements could have been possible.

Congratulations Kelly!