Creative Nonfiction Call for Submissions

Creative Nonfiction is now seeking multiple short and long-form stories. See their call for submissions below:

Nov 16

Childhood (an issue of CNF)

What’s on the line: $1,000 for best essay; $500 for runner-up; publication in CNF.

What we’re looking for: True stories that explore the joys and struggles, the indignities and infinite possibilities of childhood. Maybe you lived Where the Wild Things Are or during the Wonder Years; maybe you’re a parent or a pediatrician; whatever your perspective, share your tale of kid-dom in all its messy, exhilarating, turbulent glory.
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Nov 16

NEW! Learning from Nature (a special issue of CNF)

What’s on the line: $5,000 for best essay; $1,000 for runner-up; publication in CNF.
What we’re looking for: True stories about how we learn from nature—whether it’s businesses routing delivery vehicles according to models inspired by ant foraging or aviation engineers studying eagles’ wings in order to build more aerodynamic planes; new-age fabric inspired by pinecones or energy-efficient skyscrapers modeled after termite mounds. We’re looking for well-crafted narratives that will illuminate the relationship between humans and the environment, particularly as we face the challenges of climate change.
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Mar 7

NEW! Siblings (a book)

What to send: True stories that capture the complexities and comforts of sibling relationships. We hope to represent the widest possible variety of sibling relationships—whether adoptive or biological, step or full, human or animal, one or many..
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