2015-2016 Graduates


Ex Libris, on behalf of the English Department, would like to wish a heartfelt congratulations to all of the Master of Arts in English and Master of Arts in Writing and Publishing graduates of the 2015-2016 school year!

A graduate degree is no easy task, but with hard work you have all completed an impressive accomplishment. We are proud of every graduate, and thank you for your dedication. Congratulations! You deserve it!

Spring 2016 Graduates:

Christian Anderson, MAWP with Distinction
Jennifer DePoorter, MAWP with Distinction
Karina Diaz, MAE 
Kent Doyle, MAE 
Amy Finn, MAWP
Isabel Flores, MAWP with Distinction
Ariyel Jefferson-Ray
Elizabeth Kalmbach, MAWP with Distinction
Christina KarahaliosMAE
Kelly KerwinMAE with Distinction
Stephanie KleinMAWP with Distinction
Kinsley Koons, MAE
Maureen Kudlik, MAE with Distinction
Dustin Looney, MAWP with Distinction
Alexandra Messina-Schultheis, MAWP 
James Neisen, MAE with Distinction
Jennifer Ori, MAE with Distinction
Racehl Pomeroy, MAWP with Distinction
Anastasia Sasewich, MAWP with Distinction
Lauren SilvermanMAWP with Distinction
Kevin Sterne, MAWP
Sarah Tassoni, MAWP
Zac ThriffileyMAE with Distinction
Hana Yoo, MAE with Distinction

Winter 2016 Graduates

Nawaf Mohammed K AlmutairiMAE with Distinction
Norah Saleh A AlsuhaibaniMAE with Distinction
Jessica BrownMAE with Distinction
Marcus Emanuel, MAE with Distinction
Ashley Perez, MAWP 

Autumn 2015 Graduates

Jacob Adams, MAE with Distinction
David Bonini, MAWP
Kimberly Corsentino Keyworth, MAWP
Lindsey Crane, MAWP
Mariann Devlin, MAE with Distinction
Heather Henderson, MAWP 
Eric Hollander, MAWP with Distinction
Hanna Khan, MAE with Distinction
Mary Laut, MAE
Kevin McCullough, MAWP with Distinction
Timothy Rolph, MAWP
Victoria Smith, MAE
Christina Wichmann, MAWP
Robert Wilson, MAE

Summer 2015 Graduates

Abigail Ingram, MAE
Ellen Kammerer, MAWP
Lucina Schell, MAWP with Distinction
Jill SimonMAE with Distinction
Eric Streichert, MAWP
Keli Tucker, MAE
Dylan Weir, MAE with Distinction
Marieke Zaffron, MAWP with Distinction