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The Department of English is Seeking Two Graduate Student Representatives

The English Department is seeking two graduate students, one from the MAE and one from the MAWP, to represent English students in departmental discussions and decisions. The student representatives will join faculty on the department’s Personnel Committee to help evaluate the teaching of any professors up for tenure or promotion. Student representatives typically attend Personnel Committee meetings and relevant department, college, and university meetings; contact previous students of the professor going up for review; visit professors’ classes; and write an overall assessment of that professor’s teaching.

The Student Representative position does involve some work, but it’s worth doing because it matters to the intellectual life of the department and it’s the kind of thing that represents a nice addition to a student’s CV. If you are a graduate student in the Department of English, please consider nominating yourself for this important position.


  • Should have some experience in the program and an understanding of the department, its students, and its faculty.
  • Must be at DePaul for the entire 2013-2014 academic year, since meetings will take place in each quarter (please note that studying abroad or graduating early will interfere with the duties of the student representative).


  • Self-nominations should be submitted by email to Ms. Jan Hickey  by Wednesday, October 16th include name, contact information, and a brief (no more than 200 words) statement explaining your interest in and qualifications for being a student representative

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