Journal of Popular Romance Studies Seeks Intern

Prof. Selinger is looking for up to three students (graduates or advanced undergraduates) to work as interns on the Journal of Popular Romance Studies (  Prof. Selinger is the founder and Executive Editor of this peer-reviewed, online journal, which comes out twice a year, in December and June, and is delighted that—for the first time—to be able to work with DePaul students to put the journal together. He is looking for students who have some editing experience, or who have done well in a graduate editing class.

In terms of course registration, the internship would be for Winter Quarter, but the work for it would start right away, so that the journal can make its December, 2013 deadline.  The journal has had nine essays accepted, and these need to be copyedited for their next issue.   Several are by non-US authors, so there will be some interesting challenges involved—the journal needs to make sure they’re clear and fit the journal’s citation format, etc., but don’t want to edit with too heavy a hand, since authors sometimes bristle that we’re imposing a US style on them.  (This would be the British ones, primarily!)

Once that copyediting is done, there are other projects involving the journal that need student assistance.  Some have to do with making sure that journal is being indexed and listed in scholarly bibliographies and databases, so there’s some research involved in that; other projects have to do with possibly moving from an independent format to being published by an academic publisher (Taylor & Francis, Routledge, Intellect, etc.), and again, there’s going to be some research involved in exploring those possibilities.

The journal is at a transitional moment, as they move into their fifth year of publication, and Prof. Selinger thinks there will be some opportunities for interesting work and discussion with himself and with the managing editor, as well as the copyediting that needs to be done right away.

Please email an introductory message including a cover letter, a resume, and a writing sample to Prof. Selinger.  There are two special forums in this upcoming issue—a group of essays on Love in Latin American Popular Culture, much of it focused on LGBT texts, and a group of essays on erotic romance (50 Shades and its precursors)—but obviously a student needn’t have an interest in the particular subject matter, as long as he or she is interested in editing and journal publication!

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