Graduation Letters from the Program Directors

Letter from Acting Director of the MAWP, Ted Anton

02db2890e5040a7e9d9a22.L._V174041161_SX200_Dear MAWP-ers,

Congratulations on a great year of work, of reading your peers and writing your own essays, poems, stories and novels.  I’m sure everyone is looking forward to summer and an opportunity to relax and think about nothing, which I highly recommend.

We have had numerous accomplishments, with many more to come.   I try to look on my colleagues’ accomplishments as a spur to pursue my own.   We teachers need and support your success!

I recall that some of the least successful writers in my graduate years turned out to be noted authors.

At the same time it is important at times to forget about nouns, verbs and publications, to experience your lives and all the changes that are coming.   If something good happens, great.  If not so good, that is now material for a new piece of writing.

Write what you would most want to read, and the way your favorite author would write.  Keep us posted on your doings and join the Facebook group, MAWP Social Group.

Enjoy the summer and keep in touch!

Professor Ted Anton


Letter from the Director of the MAE, John Shanahan

johnshanahanHello MAE students!

Another academic year is coming to a close. I write, briefly, to wish you a refreshing and productive summer break. 

Some of you are finishing your degree this quarter — a hearty congratulations! A Master’s degree is an important accomplishment, a badge of expertise, and I speak for the entire English department when I say we are proud the of the work you’ve done and wish you all future success. 

Many of you are still in progress in the program and perhaps thinking about courses for summer and fall. Please feel free to email me if you have questions about anything. And don’t forget to check “Ex Libris” online for detailed course descriptions.

Enjoy the weather! Have a nice spring break!

Professor John Shanahan

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