Write ON Chicago/HERE is WHERE on Sunday, June 7

DePaul assistant professor, Humanities Center 2014–2015 faculty fellow, and Slag Glass City editor Barrie Jean Borich will host Write ON Chicago/HERE is WHERE this Sunday, June 7, from noon to 4 p.m. at the Comfort Station in Logan Square (2579 North Milwaukee Avenue). The free pop-up event invites participants to document their Chicago-based memories by completing the phrase “HERE is where ________” on post-its and attaching the mini memoirs to provided city maps. Write ON will also feature readings, recitations, accordion music, Chicago-made candy, and copies of IT IS NOT TO WASTE ALL THIS, the first edition of Slag Glass City‘s print series, Slag Glass City Miniatures: Big Cities. Little Books.

To quote the event description, “Write ON Chicago urges us to consider the vital role city spaces play in our lives—open or dense, green or concrete, struggling or thriving, and everything in between. By humanizing the city map with our stories, we hope to reveal ways our city might at once persevere and be remade.”

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