indicia a New Online Journal of Literature

indicia is a new online biannual literature journal seeking submissions for their first publication.

Currently indicia is seeking unpublished works of poetry, flash fiction, and visual art. Submissions include up to 6 poems of not more than 10 pages total, up to 3 flash fiction stories of not more than 750 words each, or up to 5 high-quality image files. Find further details here, and send submissions to

From indicia:
indicia seeks to showcase a dynamic collage of passionate and profound voices hungry to produce art and write primarily in the English language.
indicia enjoys feeling out the lengths to which language can be stretched, whether to convey a feeling, an experience, a humorous observation, a dire lesson, or whatever else a literary spirit needs to say.
indicia has no easy answers.
indicia likes the invention of new forms, the reinvention of old forms, and the innovation of anti-forms (not sure what that means).
indicia drools over weird visuals, abstract shapes, emotional figures, or paintings of sad music. 
indicia streams your record collection, your tape deck, your mp3 database, your yodel and corner bucket drum.”
Find indicia online.

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