Part-Time Copy Writing Job with Ambir Technology

Ambir Technology is searching for a DePaul student for part-time copy writing work. See the message below from Ambir’s Chief Marketing and Sales Coordinator, John Capurso, for more information.

Ambir Technology is a 16 year old Chicago-area technology company. We provide document capture solutions largely for the healthcare market, such as ID card scanners that capture your insurance card when you go to the hospital or doctor’s office. I am in search of a part-time writer to create copy in our marketing department for our products. It is vital for us to articulate value to our customers, to differentiate us from the competition and to present a most professional presence online and in print. I am particularly looking for a mature voice who can write in a business-to-business style. I would like to find a DePaul upper classman or graduate student who would be available for limited hours per week to create copy in cooperation with our art director and product manager. I am perfectly comfortable for this person to work remotely and during hours where their schedule allows.

If you are interested in this position, please contact me at the number or email address listed below.

Best regards,
John Capurso
John Capurso
Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

Direct (630) 352-3258

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