English Department GA Profiles: James Neisen

Name: James Neisen Program: MAE Graduate Assistantship: James works as a GA in the Writing Center. Fun fact: Before coming to DePaul to pursue a master’s degree in English, James earned an MFA in poetry at Syracuse University. *** The deadline to apply for 2015–2016 graduate assistantships is Friday, January 23.

English Department GA Profiles: Kate O’Brien

Name: Kate O’Brien Bio: I am a second-year graduate student in the Master’s of Writing and Publishing program here at DePaul. I am primarily a fiction writer, but I also write for the web and enjoy writing in a variety of genres. I spent the three years between graduating from undergrad and beginning grad school teaching […]

English Department GA Profiles: Josh Fisher

Name: Josh Fisher Program: MAWP Graduate Assistantship: Josh is the graduate assistant/associate editor for Poetry East, where he developed a Poetry East app called The Poet’s Almanac. The Poet’s Almanac is available as a free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Fun fact: Josh was the GA for Ex Libris last year. A poet with considerable web design skills and […]

English Department GA Profiles: Rachel Pomeroy

Name: Rachel Pomeroy Program: MAWP  Graduate Assistantship Description: As a Graduate Assistant, I work at DePaul’s University Center for Writing-based Learning as both a Peer Writing Tutor and the Social Media Team Leader. My role as a tutor involves working with writers of all levels of experience and at all stages of the writing process, which […]

English Department GA Profiles: Anastasia Sasewich

Name: Anastasia Sasewich Program: MAWP  Graduate Assistantship Description: My Graduate Assistantship is as the editor of the Undergraduate English Program newsletter blog, The Underground. The blog is a resource for undergraduate students and we occasionally publish notable student work and student news. Additionally, I serve as the undergraduate program assistant, which entails promotion of various departmental initiatives, like […]

English Department GA Profiles: Hana Yoo

The deadline to apply for 2015–2016 graduate assistantships is January 15, 2015. *** Name: Hana Yoo Program: MAE Graduate Assistantship Description: I edit Ex Libris, the graduate student blog. I’m editing the page you’re reading right now. (Meta! Or something.) I also make slides for the English department monitors—as does the lovely Anastasia, another GA in the English department. […]

English Department GA Profiles: Carolyn Rudinsky

Name: Carolyn Rudinsky Program: MAE Graduate Assistantship Description: This is my second year as a Graduate Assistant at DePaul’s writing center, the University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL), where I work as a writing tutor and a leader in the UCWbL Outreach team. At the most basic level, UCWbL writing tutors work with DePaul students, faculty, staff, […]

English Department GA Profiles: Brandon Haskey

Name: Brandon Haskey Program: MAWP Graduate Assistantship Description: My GAship is at the University Center for Writing-based Learning or, as we call it, the UCWbL. Try pronouncing it—it’s fun! At the UCWbL, there are many things I get to do! Aside from tutoring students, alumni, and faculty on their writing, I participate in the UCWbL’s leadership […]